T.I.N.A is a labour of love for beverage fanatics Christina and Imogen (who are also cousins). 

Christina Trabucco has been immersed in the world of tea and coffee, for more than a decade. Opening her first coffee shop in Thornbury in 2013, Chrissie has since journeyed into coffee roasting, and tea importing. Chrissie owns coffee and tea retailer, Assembly in Pelham St, Carlton. She's excited about tea, herbs and botanicals, and about building meaningful relationships with the producers who make them. She finds joy in the drinks we drink every day and the rituals we form around them, appreciating quality in every cup.  

Imogen Hayes has spent the last decade working in the Australian wine industry, predominantly working with big and small Australian wineries to bring premium wines into Asia and the US. Imogen has spent time living in Hong Kong and Taiwan, so when Chrissie asked her to accompany her to Taiwan on a tea buying trip in 2018, Imogen was onboard. Imogen has a love of flavours and exploring the world of drinks. 

Chrissie and Imogen spent 2 years developing the first T.I.N.A prototype, until the official launch in 2021. T.I.N.A is the natural evolution of both cousins’ love of, and expertise in beverages. Both bringing different skills sets to the the table, together they complement each other perfectly.

All ingredients for T.I.N.A are thoughtfully sourced. All research, experimentation and recipes are developed in house by T.I.N.A. over many months and years.

T.I.N.A has set out to defy categorisation and celebrate uniqueness - the door of experimentation is open for endless possibility. 

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