Imogen's recommendations for Melbourne Food and Wine Festival events


After a semi-hiatus due to you know what over the past couple of years, Melbourne Food and Wine Festival is back in Melbourne in full force. I love this festival as it not only brings in talent from different parts of the world, but it also brings out creativity from Melbourne’s best local restaurateurs, chefs, bartenders and winemakers, with a selection of carefully curated one off events. 

Here’s my picks for the best things to do at MFWF: 



I have weirdly specific food cravings and I spend probably too much time thinking about a roast duck dinner I had pre pandemic at Mott 32 in Hong Kong in 2019. Peking duck is a specific art, not frequently seen in Australia. I am naturally drawn to this decadent duck dinner


Melbourne feels like it’s having a bit of a bakery renaissance, so much so that a friend recently suggested that instead of a pub crawl, we do a bakery crawl. From pastries to really good bread, I have no doubt there will be something for everyone at Baker’s Dozen at Fed Square.


Who doesn’t love a festival bar? Unrestricted by booking times or ticket prices, we recommend dropping in to Fed Square for drinks and snacks: 



The exact details of this dinner remain somewhat of a surprise, but the combo of Sydney’s Baba’s Place and Melbourne’s Gray and Gray, makes me very excited.



A multi-faceted Filipino event combining a book launch, seafood Kamayan food as well as a focus on one of our favourite T.I.N.A ingredients - calamansi. 


Super cool food & drinks mag 'Swill' will be hosting a party at Hope St. Dinner is sold out but there's still admission tickets available for $44 which include an Americano and snacks. In classic Hope St fashion, there will be DJs. 



We will also be pouring tastings at the Victorian Huge Moves wine party on Sunday 26th March at the Royal Oak. It’s run by the crew at DRNKS and is always a good time. It’s currently sold out so if you have tickets, I can’t wait to see you there.  

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