Nongkrong Festival at Collingwood Yards


We're happy to be a (small part) of some of the excellent festivals, parties and events that happen in Naarm, Melbourne. 

Nongkrong Festival hosts a series of immersive events to celebrate the rich tapestry of Indonesian and diasporan culture. The Day Party, held last weekend, featured an all-Indonesian music line-up curated by Sophie McAlister.

From Darryl & Moira, the sibling creators behind Nongkrong:

At Nongkrong Festival last weekend, we were slinging plates of Indonesian nasi campur from our community bain marie where we served up a selection of our favourite Indonesian dishes from our favourite Indonesian restaurants and people. T.I.N.A was nothing short of a perfect pairing to go with the plenty of punchy spice, chilli, salty and sweet flavours on the plate. T.I.N.A’s subtle complexity, refreshing hit of spritzy bubbles, coupled with the perfectly sunny day was simply, as we say, mantap.

The delicious food at Nongkrong Fest in Collingwood Yards

The food: 

- Krupuk (Tapioca crackers with sambal)
- Nasi Uduk with Sambal Balado and Tempe Orek
- Nasi Campur with Rendang and Udang Balado


Krupuk (Tapioca crackers with sambal)


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