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2/1 -5 Errol St, North Melbourne
Since chef Nagesh Seethiah opened Manzé in late 2021 in North Melbourne, we’ve been eating and drinking there every opportunity we get! Nagesh feeds and nourishes the community with their seasonal set menus. The experience is always generous, and the dishes are made with incredible local produce, beautifully balanced and comforting. The space always feels so genuinely welcoming and thoughtful.

Manzé pays its drinks menu the same respect it does food. Focus is on sharing ethically sourced, sustainable products, where care given is to producers. It’s such an honour for T.I.N.A to have a place on the Manzé menu in the company of some delicious wines and spirits. We appreciate the support from our very beginning!

So obviously we were stoked when Nagesh agreed to give us the intel and share some of his favourite places to eat with us:

Udom House
North/West Melbourne
A great little cafe in North/West Melbourne that opened in 2021. They started with Thai flavoured pies, but just started offering a lunch and breakfast menu. Its around the corder from Manzé – I have the Thai omelette of Num Prik Ong a few times a week before work and never get tired of it.


Brunswick East
If I didn’t work nights and lived in Brunswick East, I’d likely be at Etta for a drink and a snack every week. Hannah has run her neighbourhood restaurant for 5 years now, and with Rosheen as head chef, it just keeps getting better and better!

Shop Bao Ngoc
You need to keep an eye on their instagram for weekend trade, but run there when you see Ngoc advertise their banh mi or specials on instagram! Truly some of the most generous, loving and caring people in Melbourne – what Ngoc and Matt do for the community out of their little shop is astounding.


Migrant Coffee
West Footscray
Melo and Stacey’s cafe in West Footscray is such an expression of culture – I really wish I lived closer so I could spend more time there! Great coffee, unreal bagels with Filipino and Island flavours – the space is always vibrant, full of energy and so family friendly. You’ll always feel welcome there.


To’s Bakery
I love the selection of snacks and treats here and always stop in when I’m in Footscray. I know everyone has their banh mi spot, but the range and quality of snacks here is next level. And everyone is welcoming and friendly!

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