Anna's favourite desserts


Anna Clifford is the venue manager of Julie restaurant and co founder of Calypso wine party (along with Claudelle Savannah) 

Anna knows wine, good hospitality, and Anna knows dessert. 


France-soir, Creme Brûlée


I never thought of myself as a dessert person until I fell for France-soir’s Creme Brûlée. I literally went most of my life thinking that dessert was simply not worth considering, always a self proclaimed salty over a sweetie. I think France-soir was where this all changed for me. Their dessert cabinet at the centre of the restaurant is impossible not to ogle, and I found myself thinking about which dessert I was going to end my meal on from the minute I walked in. Soon enough, I found myself thinking about it before I’d arrived, and then again when I was nowhere near the place! That was when I knew.. I really love dessert! I really love that dessert. 


I will concede, if what you are looking for in a creme brûlée is that satisfying crack with a teaspoon, you may be disappointed. But god it’s delicious, and it’s converted me wholeheartedly into a little sweetie.



Brico, Chocolate mousse thing?? I actually don’t know what they call it.


When I worked at Public Wine Shop, Simon used to make a chocolate mousse (that I think was a Beatrix recipe) that would make your mouth water. Fortunately, this chocolate goodness has followed him to his latest endeavour at Brico. This time it’s dressed up with some honeycomb and cream, and set in a glass (I have a particular soft spot for desserts served in glasses). My instructions are to share this with your date, and pair with a couple of martini’s made by the best of the best, and you’ve got yourself a red hot combo, and an even hotter date.


Florian (Austro Bakery), Mandarin Cake


Morning tea is actually just dessert. I well and truly fell for this cake after I tried it. I pushed it upon everyone I knew, I made friends and family fall in love too. This is the opposite of a dry cake, I won’t say moist because I know how uncomfortable you all get about that, but let me tell you this is the best combination of almond, citrus and cream cheese I’ve ever had. I love this cake so much that Austro bakery made me an enormous version for my 30th birthday. It was so big it took me weeks to finish, once again, forcing it on neighbours/friends/family (who delightedly accepted, mind you). What more could a girl want.


Carlton Wine Room, Chocolate Truffle


I hate to sound like an influencer, but this is your sign to date yourself. Take yourself to CWR, the best place in Melbourne for a solo date, sit at the bar, and eat off the best snack menu in town. Anchovy toast - obviously. Scallop tostada - if it’s available. Maybe repeat those snacks. Chocolate truffle to end. And again, chocolate desserts must be paired with a martini. Those are the rules. 


I know some will read this aghast that I didn’t choose the Rhum Baba, but I’m a coeliac so I simply don’t know what I’m missing out on, and there is something about this perfect little bite that will frequently send me on a detour, for a moment of quiet and heavenly contemplation on my way home from work.


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