Artist Abbey Rich's Guide Of Where to Eat and Drink in Coburg


Abbey Rich is a multidisciplinary artist based in Coburg, Melbourne, making community focused and co-designed art with a focus on public spaces. Abbey works in the Coburg community, and here are their top tips for what to do when you're in the area. 

Abbey's top food and drink tips for Coburg: 

Dosa Darbar: directly across the road from my studio. Dosa seems hard to find in inner Naarm so I’m really grateful one of my favourite dishes is readily available within a 45 second walk from my studio door. Masala Dosa is my go to, deliciously crispy and flavourful. 

Tambo Ciek: opened up in one of the many malls in Coburg last year and all their food is perfectly spicy and delicious, but I can’t go past their dessert. Dadar gulung especially, little pandan crepes filled with sweet coconut!

Of course, if you talk about Coburg you can’t not mention falafel, there’s at least 20 options within a 5 minute radius. Half Moon if you want to sit in the open air mall or Falafel House for a very pickle heavy option (my favourite). 

On a Saturday morning at Coburg Market you can’t go past Tuka Tuka Kothuroti Man. Niro makes the most delicious food, chai and good vibes. 

Flippy’s Queer Bar: further down the road in Brunswick for a drink, poetry readings, occasional gig and art exhibitions too. 

About Coburg: 

Like many of my favourite spaces and places, Coburg is very food centric.

Walking down Sydney Road and through the malls is chaotic in the best way possible, everyone is eating and talking or walking somewhere to also partake in the eating and talking. Vibes are very high.

A person pouring a can of tina into a small wine glass. There is a plant next to it and the afternoon light is shining

About drinking: 

I didn’t grow up around alcohol so it comes quite naturally to me. I socialise most nights and as we know socialising often = drinking here, but I don’t like to drink alcohol every night so mixing it up with non-alcoholic options like TINA is super ideal. Also a lot of my friends don’t drink at all so it’s quite common we’ll have events or dinners without alcohol. 

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