Imogen’s Top 5 Drink Picks for Summer

Summer’s been weird. 2-3 years ago would have seen me doing a lot of drinking at this time of year, along with Christmas wine matching and broken bottles in transit up and down the east coast. This year it’s wordle and chill – and much less wine. That being said – while I drink a lot less, there’s still so many quality craft drinks I enjoy. These also help provide inspiration for non alc. When I’m not drinking off the list below, you can find me enjoying a lager or a margarita. Here is my summer top 5.

WINE La Petit Mort – Stanthorpe

These are new wave wines out of Queensland’s granite belt. Chrissie and I have family in the region and know it well, having spent many Christmas holidays there. It’s great to see the evolution of wine styles here and this Gerwurtz blend is aromatic and interesting without being confronting. It’s made in a traditional terracotta qwervi – very much in vogue right now (and also 8000 years ago). Good value and great for warmer weather.

VERMOUTH Saison – Victoria

There is great enjoyment in an afternoon aperitif over ice. Saison Vermouth out of Victoria has been my go-to over summer. It’s made by Embla chef Dan Verheul and flavours seem to vary depending on what he sources. I’ve loved both walnut and quince. This also makes a great gift.

RHUM AGRICOLE Clairin – Haiti

Pre Christmas I attended a tasting of Clairin from Haiti at Where’s Nick. These wild spirits are made by micro distilleries within people’s backyards, using local sugarcane. The flavour profiles vary so much between producers – from truffles to sweet pepper to ginger, to a saline quality. These are worth seeking out for rum and spirit lovers.

G&T CANS Poor Tom’s – Marrickville

I’ve got a bit of a soft spot for Poor Tom’s as I spend a lot of time in Marrickville. These G&T cans are great for single serves after work or to bring to the beach when there is actually sun. I always love a can.

NON ALC PS40 Soda – Sydney CBD

Michael Chiem from PS40 bar in Sydney CBD has always been a magician with flavours. He’s used native ingredients in his unique range of sodas. Always great to keep in the fridge!

BAIJIU Moutai – China

This is veering as far away from non alc as you can get… but I have worked a lot in China over the past 10 years and have grown an appreciation for a controversial spirit category – baijiu. Similar to Italian or Japanese food pairing, baijiu is best served alongside a Chinese banquet – Moutai is made the Guizhou province so food of that region or neighbouring Sichuan is always a good bet. For spirit enthusiasts, the flavour profile is so complex and unlike anything else you will try from western liquor. I strongly feel drinks allow people to come together and I have seen Moutai do this many times – for better and for worse.

T.I.N.A stockists – support local and independent in tough times

For most people, it’s not really been the summer we planned. After months of lockdown in 2021, hospitality venues in Sydney and Melbourne geared up for strong trade across December, only to be stung with staff shortages, staff in isolation and canceled bookings and anxiety about all of this! The situation has forced many of our favourites to temporarily shut, or work overtime. Much to our dismay, even dancing was canceled.

You can help by supporting your local restaurants and bars, where you feel safe to do so. If you are heading out – be especially kind and patient. Hospo workers are doing it tough, so come with empathy.

Here’s a list of some of the bars and restaurants we really enjoy – perfect for occasions that call for both non alc and alcohol.


Manze – Modern Mauritian food in North Melbourne paired with a thoughtful drinks menu. Nagesh feeds the community with lots of heart.

Hope St Radio – Come for Ellie’s pasta (you must have the focaccia as well). Enjoy the courtyard with lots of space while you listen to musica from local DJs as it’s broadcast

Supernormal – Mcconnel institution in the CBD – sit at the bar and enjoy a lobster roll after wandering through the not-as-busy-as-usual city streets.

Tramway Hotel – Drop in for a beer and burger, after a saunder through North Fitzroy (or after a drink at Public)

Public Wine Shop – Excellent selection of all organic drinks with incredible small plates – perfect for date night. Everything is available to take home as well.

The Alderman – Your East Brunswick local, sit outside and be COVID safe in the leafy courtyard. An original Melbourne institution. 

Morning Market – Stock up on snacks and grocery items for a special picnic, or perfect for gift ideas.

Falco – Satisfy your bread cravings with the real thing when in Collingwood. Highly recommend the Tuna Melt! 


Monopole – Bougie snacks and drinks at the bar, or a proper CBD fat cat lunch 

P&V Paddington – Stock up on great wine, beer, spirits and non alc in a no-fuss eastern suburbs drink haven 

Fabbrica – Fuel your pasta desires by taking home from here. You know you’ll love it. Also has a sit-in wine bar, and a carefully curated deli by the experts.

Where’s Nick Wine Bar – an unpretentious night out in Marrickville with truly excellent wine, cocktails, non-alc options and well as food

While we love meeting you directly, rather than buying from our website, we think you should support these businesses. Shop online through these independent retailers:

Where’s Nick 



Native Drops 

Wise Child Wine – Perth 

Prince Wine Store 

Half Moon – Brisbane 

Black Hearts and Sparrows