Celebrate your way

For occasions when you don’t feel like alcohol, but you do feel like a good time. From dinner parties to those late nights that lead to unforgettable moments.

Deliciously Complex

T.I.N.A (This Is Not Alcohol) tastes like: Complex and lightly sparkling, with tart fruit tingle acidity. A subtle and savoury delight. Imaginative drinks, with no added sugar that are made with all natural ingredients; botanicals, tea, fruits, herbs and flowers.

Intoxicating flavour

Alcohol alternative

About us

Hello, we’re Christina & Imogen, the people behind T.I.N.A (This Is Not Alcohol). While we both love all that the world of wine, beer, and spirits has to offer, over the years we have steadily become more conscious of how much we’re drinking, and how many wasted days we’ve spent hungover...


This led us to want to create something non-alcoholic but still absolutely delicious… a party for everyone, if you will. So, using premium tea as a base alongside the highest quality ingredients we can get our hands on, we’ve set out to craft complex and interesting drinks that you can enjoy, anywhere. It’s our great pleasure to introduce you to this. We’re a modern beverage company making delicious, unconventional drinks, with no alcohol.

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